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Dive into JavaScript and Web development stories with hosts John Papa, Ward Bell, and Dan Wahlin. Sponsored by

A weekly podcast where we tackle the challenges facing Web developers today and invite expert guests on the show to share their experience solving concrete problems while building real Web applications.

Listen for practical insights and honest talk about the topics you are facing today, with Real Talk JavaScript.

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    Episode 26: Firebase with Katerina Skroumpelou

    Katerina Skroumpelou is our guest and we're talking about Google Firebase. What is Firebase? Why did Katerina decide to use it initially? What problems does Firebase solve? And more!

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    Episode 19: JavaScript Development - Should You Buy or Build, with Guest Wes Bos

    Wes Bos talks about the course and sticker platform he's built, the technology behind it, and the reasons why he's built parts of it, and used off the shelf pre-built options for other parts. This is a great discussion for those faced with buying a system and customizing it for your needs vs building your own.

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